We are currently working with several organizations employing a newly developed service: Forwardcast.

Targeted consulting for this moment

Many organizations saw huge shifts happen in 2020, a year which brought enormous disruption to our economic and social fabric. With Forwardcast, we are addressing those shifts: our targeted consulting tackles key organizational questions that surfaced in this tumultuous year.


One application of Forwardcast focuses on these important questions:

  • What new initiatives or programs has your organization launched during 2020 to engage key audiences?
  • What longstanding initiatives or programs has your organization been forced to suspend during 2020?
  • How do we assess what combination of longstanding/new programs will ensure the most sustainable audience engagement for the future?


How it works

Our approach, as laid out in the diagram below, is based upon our many years of experience in brand development and design thinking. Our goal was to create a tightly focused system for quickly and efficiently analyzing changes in an organization’s market-space.

In application

Much of the work developed employing Forwardcast in 2020 is not yet public. We hold our commitment to our clients very highly and respect their need to protect intellectual property while it is in development. We can however provide a general sense of some of those engagements’ focus areas. These range from understanding changing audience behaviors, to auditing communications and touchpoints, to reevaluating desired market position:

  • Reorienting audience engagement for a contemporary art center located in the American Southwest.
  • Reimagining the entire patron program for a leading national nonprofit.
  • Forging enhanced visibility and brand storytelling for an International Development Agency.
  • Creating positioning and visual storytelling for a new development in the heart of a biotech center.


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