Global Arts Live

Global. Diverse. Exceptional.


Since 1991, Global Arts Live (formerly World Music/CRASHarts) has presented a dynamic mix of music and performing arts to the greater Boston community. With the best traditional and contemporary artists from near and far, the performances celebrate music, dance and cultural diversity–reflecting the global community that Boston has become.

As the organization concluded its 25th anniversary season and completed a new strategic plan, it was poised to increase visibility and impact. In order to fully realize this potential, the organization engaged Minelli to bring the brand to the next level, amplify what is spectacular and true and to lead the development of a new name and identity that is as powerful as its work.

At the time Minelli was hired, the organization was in the last stage of a comprehensive audience research initiative that looked at existing and potential audience demographics and opportunities for growth. Minelli supplemented that research with stakeholder interviews and a survey to better understand existing audience perception and organizational strengths. The resulting brand strategy clarified and focused the organization’s unique attributes and important role as a trusted presenter and curator of contemporary global music and dance. A presenter of inspiring performances from across the globe that create transformative experiences that transcend borders, cultivate community and enrich lives.

The new name and new visual and verbal tools grew out of the brand strategy. The existing name – World Music/CRASHarts – was a mashup of their original name and the name of the dance program they started in 2001. The music world has changed significantly and profoundly since the organization began. How music is shared and accessed has changed and what it means to be a contemporary musician in an internet-connected world has forever altered how music is created, experienced and enjoyed. By putting the spotlight on the name and embracing a bold color palette, the new identity buzzes with energy and movement.

The organization’s director Maure Aronson said about the new name “the meaning of ‘world music’ has changed in 30 years and the current perception no longer matches what we do. The work we present is contemporary, rooted in the artists’ home countries while also reflecting the rich, interconnected, global culture that we all share. We bring that richness to Boston. Global Arts Live says it all.”

In a time of uncertainty, xenophobia and conflict, bringing people together to experience live performances provides connection and hope. The visionary leaders at Global Arts Live are changing lives by championing the world’s rising stars and connecting people through music and dance. The rebrand shines a light on the important work they do and helps ensure that they will thrive, grow and continue to produce performances that shape our world.

Visit the Global Arts Live website to learn more about the organization.

Minelli has enjoyed working with many arts & culture organizations includes: New England Conservatory, Boston Creates, Trustees and PEM.