a fine whine

Mark Minelli

I am departing from my usual attempt to be thoughtful and thorough with these blog entries to just toss something out there. Or this may only serve to reinforce the perception that all previous posts clearly fit into the latter category.

We really love what we do but there are things that seem to be inherent in the human condition (or at least humans working in a creative field) that can be truly maddening.

We have met the enemy and he is us.

Why is it…

…Easier to let an idea get watered down, messed up and convoluted than it is to keep it beautiful, simple and powerful?

…We bemoan the lack of time to explore the potential of an idea yet we do our best work when we are totally busy?

…Hucksters who generate only smoke and mirrors manage to vaporize most (or all) of the money before they are discovered?

…Any group of people gathered together possesses an equal ability to accomplish the unimaginable and define the dysfunctional?

…The more successful and proficient we become, the more we endanger the spirit that got us there?

On the other hand, we get to do what we love, work with some amazing clients and people, and occasionally, even get paid for it. So I guess it all balances in the end.