Key drivers that empower brands

Mark Minelli

In today’s social-media-saturated world, customers have become increasingly vested and vocal and strong strategies that empower brands have become critical for companies and organizations of any size to thrive in the marketplace. A well-executed brand creates distinction, awareness and connection with today’s savvy customers.

Brand assets and communication strategies create opportunities to engage, listen, learn and adapt to the rapidly changing marketplace. By embracing the following drivers, for-profit and nonprofit organizations fit more meaningfully and seamlessly into consumers’ lives.

Tap the power of emotion
Unleash the power of storytelling to engage. All brands have stories, stories that unite our hopes, aspirations and shared humanity.

Marry vision and strategy
Tie organizational ambitions to a set of values that are integral to business strategy. People are more likely to trust brands that embody and express their values honestly and openly and are genuine at their core.

Build bridges
Use technology to communicate brand values, create mutually rewarding pathways for engagement and exchange, and build richer, more human relationships with customers.

Unlock hidden potential
Give all the brand stakeholders, both inside and outside the organization, a voice. Brand provides an open structure for ideas to be captured, filtered and brought to life.

Lead by design
Employ design thinking to develop simple, elegant solutions to difficult problems. A strong brand uses iconic visual and verbal language to communicate, clarify and simplify complex ideas.

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