two if by sea

Mark Minelli

Cities are the lifeblood of the creative economy. We get much inspiration from the pace, mix and movement, the diversity and density of urban life.

Getting in and out of those cities, not so much. Commuting is just a necessary evil for most. More perspiration than inspiration.

But for six months a year, as often as I can make it to the dock at 7:00 am, the sense of wonder and reflection is also in the journey.

If the weather is good, I bike from Marblehead to Salem for the 45 minute ride into Boston. Buzzing across the open ocean in a catamaran is not commuting.

To invoke the famous line from Longfellow’s “ Paul Revere’s Ride”… One if by land, two if by sea, I will take the latter everytime I can get it.

Following is a visual travelogue of one day’s journey…