Collective Goods

new name, new brand, REBRAND 100 award


A successful national pop-up retail company with a strong commitment to social responsibility, Books are Fun was poised to significantly change the way they positioned the business when they approached Minelli. To adapt to the evolving industry, the company had successfully expanded and diversified the scope of products and events they offered. With such growth, however, came new challenges. The brand’s original identity no longer represented its diverse offerings, and both internal and external stakeholders were confused about the organization’s philanthropic mission. Exacerbating this challenge, was a disconnected culture among the more than 450 independent sales representatives across the country.

Understanding that future growth depended on a strong brand, they engaged Minelli to guide them through a comprehensive rebranding initiative that would reposition the business as a leading fourth-sector company. In addition to developing a refreshed visual identity, we were tasked with building a compelling brand that would inspire staff, strengthen culture and build loyalty.

We designed and implemented extensive primary research that explored the retail industry as a whole, consumer mindset and captured perceptions of the brand from existing customers, staff and sales reps. The research uncovered the key insights that informed the brand’s new positioning and expression. In July 2016, Books Are Fun, unveiled a new name and brand—Collective Goods.

For the new brand, Minelli designed a new logo and infographics, designated fonts and a vibrant and flexible color pallet, specified photography treatments and messaging. We also designed key elements to aid the launch including a spirit-of-the-brand piece and a new website.

The organization’s focus – providing exciting retail pop-up fairs that donate a percentage of sales to local causes – is woven throughout the new brand in image, name and message. With great enthusiasm, Collective Goods has embraced their new brand as a natural reflection of their mission and as a tool for building emotional connections with their diverse consumers.


“Minelli helped every stakeholder understand the critical relationship between brand and our larger social mission”

Ben E. Kaplan
President, Collective Goods