Cook Inlet Tribal Council

aligning culture, mission and identity


Established in 1983, Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC) provides social, educational and employment services to Alaskan Natives and Native Americans living in the Cook Inlet region of Alaska. These programs serve an average of 12,000 individuals annually.

Following a period of phenomenal growth, CITC embarked on a strategic planning process with the goal of identifying institutional priorities and developing a plan for meeting new challenges and ensuring continued success. Drawing upon the intelligence, resiliency and values of Alaskan Native people, CITC put forward a bold new vision that positions natives as leaders in designing the social solutions that the world now needs.

Maintaining a balanced and sustainable base of support to advance CITC’s mission required operational and organizational shifts. Additionally, realizing their vision meant crafting new ways of communicating and expressing what the organization stood for. Minelli developed and implemented an institutional brand strategy that played an integral role in clarifying, expressing and promoting the CITC’s vision, both within the organization and among current and potential participants and supporters.