Cook Inlet Tribal Council

aligning culture, mission, and identity


Established in 1983, Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC) provides social, educational, and employment services to Alaska Natives and Native Americans living in the Cook Inlet region of Alaska. These programs serve an average of 12,000 Alaska Natives and Native Americans annually. Following a period of phenomenal growth, CITC put forward a bold new vision that positions Native people as leaders in designing the social solutions that the world needs now. In addition to broadening its base for sustainable support, a crucial component of that vision was greater engagement across Alaska.

Minelli developed the overarching brand strategy for CITC and created a bold new identity inspired by Native Alaskan dance. We worked closely with native youth leaders, who informed the identity work and acted as powerful influencers in sharing the brand. The brand spread virally across a broad spectrum of youth activities, including the Native Youth Olympics, STEM Learning Labs, and Tribal prep.