Stone Living Lab

resilience through research


Stone Living Lab is a new research and recreation destination within the Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park. In addition to testing innovative ways to protect the Massachusetts coastline, Stone engages researchers, students, and the public in understanding coastal changes.

The Lab represents a pioneering approach for climate adaptation supported by researchers at UMass Boston, the Woods Hole Group, and other leading academic institutions. It is a constantly evolving organization whose work is spread across many islands and coastal locations. The intent is for the learnings of the Lab to be applicable to coastal ecosystems across the country.

Minelli worked with Stone to develop a contemporary brand identity that is as adaptive as they are, one that positions them as an innovator in their field. The identity needed to appeal to broad audiences, from researchers to students and tourists. The logo makes use of modular pod-like components, which represent the moving parts of the “living laboratory”. These pods play out in many ways across the identity—in patterns and as windows for imagery. They are brought to life by the brand colors, electric blue and sea green.